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We are now offering AMSOIL synthetic oil changes that allow your vehicle to travel 10,000 miles between oil changes! Starting at $64.99 for 5 quarts of oil and may be used on ANY vehicle!


We here at Auto Service Express would like you to know that we value each & everyone of you as if you were family. We give your vehicle the same care & attention that we would our own. We know that all of you are someones mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or child & that makes your safety our number one concern.

Company Overview

The goal to our clients is to fix your vehicle to the proper working condition in as short amount of time as possible. In a clean and professional environment & at the best rate, so that you are happy and satisfied with the service that we performed. We also want the trust and confidence in us that you are being treated honestly and fairly. Also to have the freedom to approach us at anytime with any questions or concerns with the service that you are receiving.

General Information

We have the state of the art Snap On Tools MODIS Scanner updated to the latest vehicles on the road today. So Bring your vehicle in to determine as to why that Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon light is coming on. We can have the answer and have the expert Experience to advise on the steps for repair.

*All Mechanical automotive repairs. All makes and models*